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History shows the long and multi-faceted story of horses and humans working and living side-by-side. This unique project represents inclusiveness and demonstrates the partnership between horse and human.

The Free Spirit sculpture at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire will acknowledge the horse’s unfaltering service to mankind.

The horse is part of our own story and this connection should be recognized and preserved.

Our Mission



Hear what some of our friends have to say about Free Spirit

“The Free Horse Spirit Memorial is a fitting tribute not only to those noble horses who have served man in battle and in work in past centuries, but also to those who continue to give us so much pleasure today throughout the various equestrian sports and disciplines. The wonderful contribution made by horses is recognised superbly by the Memorial and the Association of British Riding Schools is proud to be supporting this excellent initiative.”

“This is a great initiative and I am delighted to add the BEF’s support to it. It’s great to see the role of equestrianism in our society recognised in such a dignified way.”

“IWM is please to confirm that the Free Spirit Horse Memorial Appeal is a member of the Centenary Partnership. Free Spirit’s project to create a memorial to horses in warfare at the National Memorial Arboretum will highlight the part played  and the contribution made by horses in the First World War. It will introduce wide audiences to a new aspect of First World War heritage, and help forge partnerships between heritage and cultural organisations.”

“After a first life in racing, the NRC’s horses serve well and faithfully, helping to train staff for the racing industry. As exemplars of their breed, they inspire learners to become skilled in horse care and riding. The wonderful relationship between horses and people is a great motivating factor for many, particularly for some who found limited fulfilment in education before. The importance of that human to horse bond echoes through history., not least from times of war and hardship. This commemoration project is both fitting and worthy.”

Colonel Stephen Padgett OBE FCMI, Northern Racing College

“The project provides the ideal opportunity for all areas of the equestrian world to unite in their celebration of the dedication and service provided by the horse to mankind, past, present and future”

“Horses Inside Out is proud to support this fitting tribute to the incredible contribution horses have made to humankind throughout history and continue to do so.”

“The Welsh Pony and Cob society is delighted to support the Free Spirit Horse Memorial in bringing to the public more information on the contribution that the horse has made to civilisation in the past and towards the future.”

“I am very proud to be associated with the Free Spirit Project. Whether through pleasure or war, the horse has been our faithful friend and servant asking for very little in return.”


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Horses have played a monumental role in the development of the modern world. We want to say thank you by creating a lasting memorial statue acknowledging the horses unfaltering service to mankind, past and present.

But we need your help.